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My prices are from the southern NJ area. If your prices are different, feel free to insert a new line, and note your location in a new column.
ItemCategorySizePriceUnit priceDate
Rye bread, seededBaked goods16 oz.99.06 per ozMarch 30, 2006
L'Oven Fresh white breadBaked goods20 oz.59.029 per ozMarch 24, 2006
Sweetener packetsBaking3.5 oz (100 packets)1.49.425 per oz, or .015 per packetMarch 18, 2006
Pudding mix, choc/vanillaBaking.29March 18, 2006
Baking sodaBaking1 lb.39March 30, 2006
Lite drink mix (Crystal Lite)Beveragesyields 8 qts1.89.236 per qtApril 14, 2006
Single serve fruit/gel bowlsCanned4-ct pkg1.39.347 per servingMarch 30, 2006
Vegetarian vegetable condensed soupCanned1 can.43March 30, 2006
Single serve peach cupsCanned4-ct pkg1.39.347 per servingMarch 30, 2006
Applesauce cups (reg/cinnamon)Canned4-ct pkg.89.222 per servingMarch 30, 2006
Spoon size shredded wheatCereal19 oz1.69.09 per ozMarch 24, 2006
Cheese, Feta, blue or gorgonzola tubDairy4 oz1.69.42 per ozMarch 30, 2006
ButterDairy1 lb1.991.99 per lbMarch 18, 2006
Milk, 2%Dairy1 gallon2.692.69 per gallonApril 14, 2006
Eggs, largeDairy1 dozen.89.89 per dozenApril 14, 2006
Cheese, Deli style slices, Swiss, Provolone or MuensterDairy8 oz1.69.21 per ozMarch 24, 2006
Cheese, Colby brickDairy8 oz1.49.186 per ozMarch 30, 2006
Orange juice, not from concentrateDairy1/2 gallon1.99.031 per fl ozMarch 24, 2006
WafflesFrozen.99March 18, 2006
Texas cheese toastFrozen11.8 oz1.49.126 per ozMarch 30, 2006
Beef/bean burritoFrozen5 oz.29.058 per ozMarch 30, 2006
Deluxe topping pizzaFrozen23.6 oz1.99.084 per ozMarch 30, 2006
Sausage, brown/serveFrozen.99March 18, 2006
Broccoli stir fry mixtureFrozen16 oz.89.055 per ozMarch 30, 2006
Tyson roasted chickenMeat23.2 oz3.992.75 per lbMarch 30, 2006
TissuesNonfoods175 tissues.89.51 per 100 tissuesMarch 18, 2006
Cat litter, scoopableNonfoods14 lb2.99.213 per lbMarch 30, 2006
Larado paper platesNonfoods70.89.012 per plateMarch 24, 2006
Peppers, tricolor packProduce20 oz1.991.59 per lbMarch 18, 2006
BananasProduce1 lb.33.33 per lbMarch 18, 2006
CeleryProduce24-ct size stalk.99March 24, 2006
Potatoes, RussettProduce10 lbs.89.089 per lbApril 14, 2006
Peppers, green onlyProduce20 oz1.391.11 per lbApril 14, 2006
Lettuce, icebergProduce1 head.89March 24, 2006
MushroomsProduce8 oz.991.98 per lbMarch 18, 2006
Cucumber (large)Produce.49March 30, 2006
Snack crackers (ritz)Snack16 oz1.29.08 per ozMarch 24, 2006
SaltinesSnack16 oz.69.043 per ozMarch 18, 2006
Belmont chocolate chip cookiesSnack16 oz1.49.093 per ozMarch 24, 2006
Cinnamon GrahamsSnack14.4 oz.99.069 per ozMarch 18, 2006
Cookies, chocolate sandwich (Oreo)Snack20 oz.99.05 per ozApril 14, 2006
Wheat crackers (triscuit)Snack9.5 oz.9910.4 per ozMarch 18, 2006
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Name:  Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Aldi Price Book by  cjbeyer03 cjbeyer03 
Description:  Many people who use a price book say they use Aldi prices as a baseline. I thought it might be useful to have lots of people posting prices, to create a more complete list in a shorter time than any of us could do individually.
Tags:  Aldi price book budget save cheap  
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