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CounterpartyCall dateTimeNameComments
Citibank01/17/063:00pJulie SmithCalled to follow up on letter rec'd the previous week regarding credit line increase request. Letter said they couldn't verify income, and to please give documentation in enclosed envelope that wasn't enclosed. Was told faxing 12/31 pay stub was ok, and to check back at end of week for status. Faxed the same afternoon.
Citibank01/21/062:30pJohn SmithCalled to follow up. Was told credit limit now $XX,000.
Geico02/13/063:15pJen SmithCalled to inform that mileage last year was 8300, so no longer should get the under 6k discount. Was told this would increase rate by about $14 in remaining period thru mid-April. Paid via CC over phone.
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