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Weekly Chores
Check Refridgerator for spoiled foodspay bills, total reciepts, & put them in computerMop Kitchen & Sweep DownstairsLysol doorknobs and light switchesGrocery ShopLaundry (sheets and towels)Tidy Laundry Room
Clean Front PorchEmpty all garbage cansWipe down all appliancesBoil & Wash bath toysChange all bedding
Monthly Chores
1stPolish Wood FurnitureBudget ReviewDust Ceiling FanChore Reward
2ndDeep Clean FridgeClean Walls & Light Fixtures
3rdVaccuum Out CarsDust Ceilings & Wall Corners
4thDevelop Meal MenuClean Out OvenWash Throw Rugs
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Name:  Mom's Chore Sheet by  btotten btotten 
Description:  This is the calendar year for 2007with each month is separate section. Copy this to add comments for each date.
Tags:  2007 full year calendar monthly view  
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