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I have a Verizon Blackberry 8703e, unlimited data, and use it as a modem for my laptop.I want to see what it would cost to set this same functionality with an ATT iPhone and Verizon EVDO card (ATT's card is roughly the same price)You can change the cells in green to give an estimate of this cost for you
Voice and data on my device (monthly)
801301400 minutes (family plan)
450Unlimited data on my device (included w/ATT)
Data on my laptop (monthly)
15Verizon tethering fee
60Verizon EVDO card with unlimited data
2nd phone on family share plan (monthly)
0302nd phone monthly fee
Misc (monthly)
66Insurance (verizon is actual, ATT is estimated)
30Texts (100 for Verizon, 200 included w/ATT)
99Taxes + fees (verizon is actual, ATT is estimated)
Monthly Subtotal
160235Monthly total
384056402-year total
One time costs of switching
400Purchase of iPhone (iPhone 8GB w/2 year)
36Activation of iPhone
175Verizon cancellation fee for my phone
0Purchase of 2nd phone (free w/2Year)
36Activation of 2nd phone
175verizon cancellation fee for family share phone
0Purchase of Verizon Card (free w/2Year)
36Activation of card
2658Cost to upgrade to iPhone + Card
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Name:  Cell Phone TCO by  JohnKilcline JohnKilcline 
Description:  Should I buy and iPhone? How much is that blackberry costing me?
Tags:  cell phone blackberry iphone  
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